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            About Us
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            Company Profile

            Established in 1996, the headquarters of Heilongjiang Huaxing Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. is located in Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang province. The Company covers a total area of 50,000 m3, with a construction area that reaches up to 23,800 m3.

            The Company possesses sophisticated technical equipment, great construction capabilities, and advanced construction technology. It has a registered capital of RMB 60.08 million, and RMB 450 million in fixed assets. The Company currently has a total staff of 1,969 people, including 193 engineering and technical personnel, 20 certified level-one constructors, 94 various types of specialized economic management personnel, and 1,620 key technical workers. The Company comprises seven management departments, mechanical processing plants, and non-destructive detection stations, as well as such subsidiaries as Xinjiang Huafa Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd., Jilin Huaxing Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yangzhou Xiongdu Restaurant and overseas institutions, and others. The Company has complete sets of various construction machinery and equipment, of which more than 600 sets are equipment used for construction & installation projects as well as manufacturing & production, capable of meeting the requirements of project construction and pressure vessel manufacturing.

            The Company possesses Level One qualifications of general contracting of petrochemical project construction, Level Two qualifications of general contracting of housing project construction, and general contracting of municipal public works construction, as well as Level Two qualifications of specialized contracting of steel structure works, specialized contracting of anti-corrosion and heat-preservation works, specialized contracting of mechanical and electrical equipment installation works, specialized contracting of petrochemical equipment pipeline installation works, and specialized contracting of pipeline works. The Company has obtained A1 and A2 Grade Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Licenses, GA1 Grade and GC1 Grade Pressure Pipe Installation, Transformation, and Maintenance Licenses, Grade I Boiler Installation, Transformation and Maintenance License, D1 and D2 Grade Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Licenses, and GC2 and GC3 Level Pressure Pipe Installation, Transformation, and Maintenance Licenses. The Company has also acquired the People's Republic of Overseas Project Contracting Qualification Certificate and been awarded the Excellent Enterprise of Overseas Economic Cooperation in 2011; the Company has passed Health Safety and Environment System Certification (HSE) and acquired Construction Project, Gas Pipeline Project Market Access License issued by PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd. and Pipeline Project Market Access License issued by China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau.

            Since its establishment more than a decade ago, the Company has withstood fierce market competition, successfully undertaken a large number of construction & installation projects, and manufactured large quantity of pressure vessel products. The undertaken products have covered such industries as petrochemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, power industry, energy, ethanol, coal chemical industry, light industry & paper-making, pharmaceuticals, steel, construction materials, cement, and other industries. Whereas construction projects mainly include industrial plants and large-scale structures, installation projects mainly involve flammable, explosive, high-temperature, high-pressure petrochemical and fuel alcohol projects, and pressure vessel manufacturing projects mainly include the manufacturing of Grade I, Grade II, and Grade III pressure vessels, as well as the processing & manufacturing of auxiliary nuclear power equipment of large-scale power plant steam turbines. During the project construction & installation process and vessel manufacturing process, multiple construction and manufacturing means are adopted; for example, slip-form construction is adopted in construction projects and in installation projects, such means as CO2 gas shielded arc welding, tungsten inert gas arc welding, electro-slag welding, and submerged arc automatic welding are also adopted, aside from common manual arc welding. The Company is capable of undertaking welding for a wide variety of steel materials, including such carbon steels as Q235 and Q245 steels, such boiler and pressure vessel steels as Q245R, Q345R, Q370R, 13MnNiMoNbR and 15CrMoR steels, and such alloy steels as 12CrMo and 15CrMo. It is also capable of undertaking welding between various types of stainless steels and Ti materials, such as 304, 321, 316, 317, 304L, 316L, and 317L stainless steels, etc.

            In recent years, the Company has undertaken general contracting for multiple large and medium-sized petrochemical projects and gained trust from numerous customers by dint of its high speed, its high quality, and its reasonable project prices. The Company has always upheld the tenet of “Customer-first, Reputation-based”, insisted on the management philosophy of “People-oriented, Scientific Management, Quality Engineering, Sincere Service” and adhered to the enterprise spirit of “Quality, Efficiency, Technology-based, Innovation” to work hard, forge ahead and leap forward in its enterprise development. The Company has now set off on the track of scale and group operation on the basis of specialization and has become a famous private enterprise of Heilongjiang Province.

          Address: No. 133 Heiping Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin Tel: 86-451-84336160 技術支持:龍采科技
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