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            About Us
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            Address of President

            Heilongjiang Huaxing Industrial Equipment Installation Co., Ltd. is a company professionally engaged in the general contracting of such projects as petrochemical construction projects, fuel alcohol construction projects, power plant construction projects and pressure vessel manufacturing, and so on. Over the years, the Company has leapt forward in its development through hard work and great endeavors, and is now competitive in the construction market. The Company is now fully capable of offering one-stop services for design, manufacture, installation, commissioning & trial production, and maintenance, and of providing full-range service and project general contracting services for engineering construction.

            In recent years, Huaxing Company has undertaken a large batch of projects, in great varieties, and realized the integration of speed, quality, and safety. Especially in the alcohol industry, the Company has established a reputable image characterized by high quality, high speed, and capability of overcoming difficulties to forge ahead; therefore, it has gained trust and appreciation from owners, industrial regulatory agencies, and friends from all fields. Good performance and results are gained by the sweat and effort of Huaxing people and nurtured by the care, support, and help from friends from all walks of life.

            We will continue our endeavors in the future and we will prove ourselves capable, repay the trust we have received with high-quality products, and strive to provide first-class products and services for our customers. We are willing to advance communication with friends both home and abroad, strengthen cooperation, and create a better future together!

          Address: No. 133 Heiping Road, Xiangfang District, Harbin Tel: 86-451-84336160 技術支持:龍采科技
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